Monday, April 14, 2008

Bruce Springsteen Live in Anaheim!!!

So, I had the fortunate experience of being able to attend a concert of a Rock Deity this past Monday evening. I feel kinda corny calling him that, but honestly, I've been to a few shows by a few "heavies" (Eric Clapton, Santana, among others) and this was definitely one of the best I've experienced. Period. Actually, lets just add to the title of Rock Deity, Poetic Deity.

On April 7th in Anaheim, my dad and I attended our first Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show. It was my Christmas gift to him--I knew we'd both have a great time together--and we did.

I had always been a casual listener and fan by default: I've got quite a few fond memories of my dad playing "air drums" and screaming the lyrics of "Born to Run" on hot summer days (I promise dad, I won't go into embarrassing details such as the short corduroy shorts sans shirt, and the red bandanna you wore during these singing escapades...)

Anyhow, some of you may still have the impression of Mr. Springsteen as just an icon of the 80's, but let me assure you that after listening closely to his work as an adult the other night, I heard something completely new, fresh and relevant. The man is not only an incredible musician and performer, but an incredible writer. I think, in a way, he has actually sparked my imagination, something that an illustrator could definitely use from time to time. Since Monday, I've gone back through a lot of his catalogue and am excited to re-experience his work from a different viewpoint.

Not to mention, the dude has some serious stamina and charisma--a non-stop two and a half hour performance he gave us...I'm (practically) half his age and I felt tired for him. Definitely impressive. So if he comes to an arena near you, GO!

Okay, enough of my raving; it's 3am and I'm sleep deprived, hence the wordy entry. I better quit while I'm ahead, or else a 50 page expository essay on the man could very well be the result of this post...I've caught my second wind.

Check him out here if you'd like. This is not my video--unfortunately I wasn't that close...hopefully next time will be a different story. I've got some of his old and new stuff on my music player on the right too!

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