Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Birthday Fun!

So the Little One will be celebrating her first birthday very, very soon! I really can't explain how fast this year has flown by. Twelve months flew by in a flash. I know--it sounds very cliche, but it's the dang truth!!!

Here are the invites I designed and printed up for the special occasion. Super fun stuff!
Here's the painting I did in Photoshop:
And here is a close-up of it after I printed it on my new handy-dandt Epson R1900. I used cheap-o Strathmore watercolor paper and they came out great! I love my new printer!

After printing them, I rounded the corners with a Martha Stewart paper punch, and voila! I also printed address and return labels, but I won't post those here because my fingers are tired as I'm typing with one hand and cradling a sleeping babe in the other at the moment.

There's so much left to do in preparation for the big day, and it's mostly crafty activities that big brother can help with. Signing off for now~


Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Christina, Love your illustrated invites- too cute! I am thinking about getting an Epson R1900, are you pleased with yours? I am looking into art reps and wondered if you'd mind sharing with me how you like yours at Bright Agency? I thought it would be smart to contact artists already represented to get an "inside" feel to see if they would be a good fit. I appreciate your feedback :) and congrats on your little one turning the big 1! BTW if you'd prefer to email me my email address is: (sdelrizzo(at)yahoo(dot)ca)- thanks

Katie McDee said...

These are beyond adorable! We need to go to lunch some day soon and check up!

Katie McDee said...

And by check up, I mean catch up! I so tired.

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